Do You Think iTunes Needs to Be Remade?

iTunes is probably the greatest online digital song store globally. It has come quite a distance after its simple beginnings. Selling nicely via iTunes often means an important Billboard chart standing for artists. The Apple Team have continued to provide additional elements and functions to the application. Then again, iTunes has come under a considerable amount of condemnation recently.


For starters, the program is quite often derided for the large style and lag on computers without a lot of memory. Naturally, iTunes was developed for Mac operating system but you would think that Apple may realize that most men and women have a computer that operates Microsoft Windows compared to owning a MacBook or an Apple computer. Regrettably this isn’t the circumstance and the program is often somewhat computer memory heavy. It is not a hassle-free, efficient design but it is actually very image intense. While checking the iTunes Store you can go through quite a bit of lag. Many people continue to use alternative music players since they are a whole lot less draining. Owning a resource greedy piece of software is normally alright for high spec Apple systems but a lot of computers suffer whilst multi-tasking. This is particularly notable if you have an iPhone and compare it with your Windows computer. Typically the iPhone works quickly however using iTunes on a computer is typically time consuming! It could be great if Apple produced a more streamlined version.

Secondly, the way in which Apple continue to add more functions to iTunes is also a blessing and a curse. It’s excellent due to the fact that there is so much more features to it. It is no more just a program to listen to music with, anyone can now also watch videos, get computer games, generate playlists and manage your iPhone. The iTunes Store features millions of songs to buy and people can even buy movies and television shows. With the App Store you may also download countless numbers of apps for your iPod Touch. There are video games, resources, maps, eBooks and a lot more. Several of the applications are free of charge whilst some others you have to buy.

Nevertheless, many people assert that there is too much functionality on iTunes and it is now too bulky and bloated. Yet, what should be the remedy? Perhaps Apple could offer various services for the different features (ex. a separate music program and music store). Alternatively it might offer a single piece of software yet enable people to switch off features that they don’t use. As an example, if somebody owns an iPod Touch yet continues to buy all of their music on CDs then they have little use for the iTunes Store for purchasing new songs. Furthermore, the iTunes Store now provides a great deal of content that is exclusively offered through certain products. If a person doesn’t use such products then it is useless for them to see content. In addition, lots of people dislike that they need to make use of iTunes to manage their iPhone. This closed solution to user friendliness has resulted in a lot of consumers and users becoming unhappy. It seems as though that while Apple wants people to become a member of their club but if you are not able to join it completely then you may have to handle the difficulties.

Instead of offering a stripped down version of iTunes, it ought to instead integrate more features and functions. Apple definitely has the resources and the product development crew to develop a product that features a lot more, but it should at the same time be careful to ensure that it stays sleek and well designed. It has already initiated this progression with the release of Ping, a social network, accessible through iTunes, which is focused on music. Why not then integrate online book marking functions and custom homepage user profiles? It may be an excellent method to add a community element to iTunes. As people have seen with the huge popularity of social networks, socializing online can easily contribute to big money. Not that Apple has to be concerned about its bank balance.